Eep! I've been tagged!

I've been tagged by Stitchblade!  First let me show off today's bento for B:

Showing off the Pokemon onigiri wrappers I ordered :)  with a packet of Hello Kitty furikaki (sprinkles for rice, such as small bits of noro and sesame seeds).  The small blue has cucumber stars and hot dog flowers with little carrot pieces, a panda with soy sauce and a container of ranch.  And a banana, we mustn't forget the banana!

Now on to my tagging!  I must tell seven awesome things about myself:

1)I am double jointed in my fingers, I used this quite a bit to get out of class in highschool by claiming I had broken a finger, hee hee:

2) I rock Halloween!My most favoritest of holidays by far, I go to my son's school dressed up with treats, and spend weeks making Halloween costumes for my family.

3) I can bake an awesome looking cake:

4) I have pink bangs.  No picture, but what could be more awesome than that?!?!?!

5)I got a kid who is a rockin artist himself, and can showcase it on any medium:

6)My Husband is also a rockin artist, and a great guy!

7)I've backpacked through Scotland!

Only seven things, but there is more, I am pretty awesome after all :P

And I tag....
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B's Birthday!

B is 7 today! His party isn't until the 15th, since his birthday is in the first week of school, though.  We'll do something small with  the family tonight, and I sent him to school with cupcakes for the class as well.  I also sent him to school with this special birthday bento:

He has a small slice of birthday cake, blackberries, carrot sticks, green pepper flowers and a container of ranch in the white box.  The blue box contains a turkey sandwich with cheese and nori decorations (I colored the cheese balloons with food coloring), edamame picks, and an elephant of soy sauce for the edamame.

His blue bear clickety click set "disappeared" from school the other day.  The principal insists it will turn up, but I am afraid is was stolen.  He was in tears, poor thing (B, not the principal).  They stack their lunches next to the gym when they go to recess, anyone could have grabbed it.  So I am on the lookout for a new 2 tier clickety click and the matching bag and belt. 

Overslept today!

I did the world famous thing of setting the alarm for PM instead of AM this morning, oops!  I woke up 30 minutes late, got the boy up, fed and dressed, then rushed this bento together:

he has a turkey sandwich with a green pepper frog (cream cheese and black sesame seed eyes), a jelly straw, blackberries, fish shaped boiled egg, cheese cubes, flower cut cucumbers, and cream cheese in the spreader.  A jelly straw is a a yummy alternative to Jello.  It  is made with kanten, a type of seaweed, and doesn't have to be refrigerated.  We get them in giant containers at our local Asian grocery.

We packed it in this tiger bento that is for sale at Bento Baby.  B loved this design so much I had to make an extra one for him!  That s my stove top in the background  ;)

Tomorrow is B's birthday, so I have a batch of cupcakes ready to follow  him to school, and a special bento in the works for tomorrow  :)

First day of school!

Knowing how hectic tomorrow morning is going to be (plus I have to ship out 7 items tomorrow, thank you so much everyone!) I made B's lunch tonight:

Forgive the slight blurriness, I  just couldn't get a clear pic for some reason tonight :)

It is the character Kon from the anime Bleach.  A turkey sandwich with nori, cheese, kamaboko (fish cake) and food marker embellishments.  Some blackberries, cucumber stars, carrot flowers, ranch in the sauce container, and a car shaped molded egg with food color "paint".

I was also busy sewing today, and have listed some new items in my Etsy shop, here is one of my Happy Onigiri sets:

Tips for fruit

Fruit is a wonderful way to get your kids to eat something healthy, as every Mother knows.  Unfortunately, it can get expensive.  Here are some tips to save money while placing fresh fruit in a bento box!

1)Buy in season.  Look up your county's extension office online or look for information from your local master gardeners program to find what is in season for your area.
2) Farmers markets are a wonderful places to find fresh fruit and vegetables at good prices.  Go towards closing time and find some bargains!
3)Visit a "U-Pick" farm.  It can make a great educational and fun outing for the whole family. Find local farms at
4) Preserve what you find. Canning is an option if you have the urge to take that route.  A simpler method is freezing.  For berries you spread them in an even layer on a cookie sheet and pop in the freezer.  Once they are frozen dump them in a freezer bag. (Make sure the berries are not wet before freezing.)  Also buy items that have a long shelf life, such as apples, can help.
5)If you have no fruit and it doesn't work into the budget, try making veggies fun.  Take whatever veggies you have on hand- carrots, edamame, bell peppers- and cut into bite size pieces. Place them on a skewer or food pick, mixing up the colors.  You can also slide cubed cheese or ham between the veggie pieces to make it even more appetizing.
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I have opened my Etsy store!

I made this little number here

In my never ending quest to bring affordable bento to the Western world, I have now begun making my own. (Not the boxes themselves....yet muahaha!)

I hope you enjoy, and if you have any design request let me know!

Inexpensive Bento sets

I am selling a few bento sets on ebay.  I only accept paypal, but you don't need a paypal account to pay!  Here is one of the sets-

It is a 2 tier box, a snack box, a thermos, some divider grass and food picks all for $11.99!

To be fair, if you have a Dollar Tree store near you check for these items there first!  I want to make a profit, but I do not want to rip anyone off.  

A day at the park

Andrew has a deadline looming and really needed some peace and quiet to get the project done.  I decided to pack the boys up with me to run some errands with the promise of visiting the park if they behaved.  Now, a lot of people would stop at McD's for lunch, but not our family!  Who needs a Happy Meal when you can have this:

Packed in my husands sushi bento as it is larger and more suited to a picnic instead of carrying three separate boxes.
Incudes:Kiwi, turkey & cheese picks, cucumber flowers, sleeping bear onigiri in nori cones on a bed of carrot sticks. Sauce bottles filled with soy sauce and ranch.

I also took a box of Yan-Yan cookies and cold drinks for us.  Another trick I use is to always bring a thermos of ice water, that stops us from wasting money on sugary  drinks we don't need anyway.

Thrifty finds

This is the reason to always shop with bento in mind.  Out of curiosity today I stopped at a small dollar store I had never been too.  Inside, I found bento heaven!I purchased two of these boxes.  They had any different designs including some larger ones that had a knife and fork attached to the lid!  I also picked up the heart shaped food picks and the fruit bottles.  The fruits have sugar candy inside, but from now on they will be sauce bottles!

With my new toys I made the boys some lunch-

The moral of the story? Even if you are broke you can still find cute bento stuff on a budget!

Welcome to my humble food blog!

I am a 31 year old mother of two and freelance author.  For years, I have been exploring the Japanese art of bento, or obento.  I am not an expert on Japanese culture though.  The foodie in me fell in love with the idea of the bento box and the rest has been history! 

Today, my goal is to back healthy, cute lunches for my eldest son for under $2. (A hot lunch at his school cost $2, and the goal is thrift in my household!)  Sometimes the lunches include traditional bento or Japanese food, other times they are completely American. 

I hope you enjoy seeing the neat things I create in my kitchen!
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