bentobaby (bentobaby) wrote,

School is out, yay!

Yesterdays bento was an attempt at a reindeer:

Sandwich with nori and tomato accents, shrimp, carrots, broccoli, and a babybel cheese.  Yogurt in the monkey.  I was not too happy with the antlers, I was originally going to use pretzels but when I opened the bag it was empty.  C'est la vie!

Santa onigiri, broccoli, apple shapes, babybel cheese, hot dog hearts and a milkshake candy.  I did something I have seen in Japanese bento blogs and packed it in a tin as opposed to a box:

The tin was a bit deep for B, so I lined it with some decorative foil.

As for Santa onigiri, I tried something new and am quite happy with the result.  Instead of using the food markers  to decorate it after molding the rice, I mixed some red food coloring with part of the rice and pressed it into the mold where I wanted it then proceeded to finish filling it with plain uncolored rice.  It came out nicely and was much faster! is almost ready to debut January 8th,2008! information on the endeavor is on the home page.
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