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Two Bento's and some news!

Santa is a PB&J sandwich with nori, bell pepper, and food marker accents and shrimp hair.  He is surrounded by broccoli and rainbow fish crackers.  The hat is a plastic cake decoration my dad sent .   He got  a big bag of cake  topper  samples  and my mom sent them my way!

This was a quickie, less than ten minutes.  Woke up to snow and had to hurry to get B to school on icy roads.  Went with a star theme- star cutout PB&J, broccoli, a milkshake candy, rainbow fishies, and a babybel with a star cut in the wax.  This is in the clickety click bear onigiri box, which works well for sandwiches too!

Now for the news!  A new bento article will be posted every Tuesday.  Weekly lunch pictures will be posted on Fridays.  I will still continue to respond to comments and questions on a daily basis.  The new shop will be opening as planned.   Not only will I be selling m handmade bags and furoshiki, there will also be a collection of boxes, dividers, sauce bottles and more.  Coming spring, the book will be available in a full color print version or a PDF version, so keep our eye out for that.   It  will cover the basics such as Octodogs, chick eggs, as well as more advanced techniques.  There are sections on speed bento, theme building, and so much more!
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