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Promised Pictures!

Here are some lunches from the past couple of weeks:

Broccoli; penguin is rice, nori, and carrot; shrimp; milkshake candy;  chick of soy sauce; tiger side container of yogurt.

Shrimp; babybel; broccoli; pepper; smokies;             
PB&J w/ nori accents                                                         

PB&J with nori & pepper accents; shrimp; broccoli Cheese;  smokies

Babybel; PB&J w. nori and peppers; shrimp;     
smokies;orange bell pepper strips                        

Meowth is an onigiri with boiled egg & nori accents;Babybel under the egg pokeball; smokies, green pepper

PB&J w/ nori, tomato, & cheese accents;        Onigiri on a bed of blue rice w/ carrot and nori accents;
Broccoli; edamame; tomato & cheese;            Soy sauce; edamame;carrots; smokes; cookie crisp; furikaki
Milkshake candy

PB& J wreath with tomato bow and candy sprinkles; broccoli; babybel; edamame; shrimp; PB& J tree with nori and tomato accents.  Yan Yans for dessert!

PB&J with nori; cheese on a cool light pick; edamame; star shaped PB&j; broccoli; smokies; peach yogurt drink.

B is addicted to shrimp right now.  He also has a bunch of fourth grade girls that insist he eat lunch at their table everyday.   This is making him the happiest first grader in the world!
Tags: christmas, kids
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