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Work with what ya got

Today is a lesson in an empty fridge and making a bento quick.  B's birthday party is Saturday, and I am putting off shopping til afterwards, so their is room in the fridge for the cake and party food. 
On top with have tamago, cucumbers, green peppers and carrots.  Tamago is the easiest thing in the world.  It is a rolled Japanese sweet omelet..  A super simple recipe can be found here.  Once again, the veggies are ade more fun with a cookie cutter.  This time I stuck the green peppers  into the leftover bits of carrot I had after  I cut the stars out.  Waste not, want not!  (The  leftover bits of green pepper were mixed into the tamago.)
The bottom tier has onigiri  adorned with food marker and nori, cheese shapes on a pick, animal crackers,  a carrot full of soy sauce ad a container of ranch.  The onigiri are made with leftover rice, I just sprinkle it with a bit of water and nuke until warm!  The food markers, while seeing a bit pricey for 3.99 for four, have been invaluable for adding a quick bit of cuteness!  

On another, more annoying note, B had his empty lunch box stolen again.  That is two so far.I refuse to send him to school with his actual Japanese bento boxes until something is done about this.  I have informed the principal that if I see anyone at his school using a box like his blue bear one, I will personally haul that child to the office and I will wait until the parents show up.   I want to see the type of parents that wouldn't realize that their elementary school child was packing their lunch in a box that the parents did not purchase that has return to B written all over it.  I will not be responsible for y actions thereafter, my boy has come home in tears twice now because of this.  Hell hath no fury like this mama bear pissed off!
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