December 12th, 2007

Updates, updates,updates

    It has been awhile, hasn't it?  I never expected to be gone this long!  Things have settled down finally.  One thing that kept me from returning as planned was a wonderful person decided it would be fun to hack into my Paypal account and drain it of all funds then attack my bank account as well.  Paypal has been wonderful in helping me to solve this as has my bank, but it has taken some time, a lot of phone calls, and reams of paperwork. 
    For this reason I will be closing both my Etsy and Ebay stores and opening my own storefront online.  I want to be responsible for my own online security and not have to trust any third parties anymore.  
    I had to issue several refunds due to this mess, and being unable to access my paypal did not make this any easier.  My dear husband, who took over shipping while I was away, was unaware  that paypal receipts were no longer being routed to our email but to the scammers and a cross in communication between us led to many problems with a few orders, which I apologize wholeheartedly for.     I once again have access to that paypal account and am sending out any refunds that  were not originally processed.   This is speeding up the process a lot  since I no longer have to email  paypal to check the account records then send the refunds from another account.  
    It could have been worse.  It could have been our personal bank account they got into.  They could have gotten a lot more.  A lot more of my wonderful customers could have been burned as opposed to only three, and of those all have now been refunded or received their products.   There could have been more paperwork!
    Bento Baby is back, and over the next few days I will be updating photo's and articles on the blog.  The new shop has a tentative launch date of January 11th, 2008.  The Bento Baby book will be available in both print and PDF versions late spring 2008.  


Promised Pictures!

Here are some lunches from the past couple of weeks:

Broccoli; penguin is rice, nori, and carrot; shrimp; milkshake candy;  chick of soy sauce; tiger side container of yogurt.

Shrimp; babybel; broccoli; pepper; smokies;             
PB&J w/ nori accents                                                         

PB&J with nori & pepper accents; shrimp; broccoli Cheese;  smokies

Babybel; PB&J w. nori and peppers; shrimp;     
smokies;orange bell pepper strips                        

Meowth is an onigiri with boiled egg & nori accents;Babybel under the egg pokeball; smokies, green pepper

PB&J w/ nori, tomato, & cheese accents;        Onigiri on a bed of blue rice w/ carrot and nori accents;
Broccoli; edamame; tomato & cheese;            Soy sauce; edamame;carrots; smokes; cookie crisp; furikaki
Milkshake candy

PB& J wreath with tomato bow and candy sprinkles; broccoli; babybel; edamame; shrimp; PB& J tree with nori and tomato accents.  Yan Yans for dessert!

PB&J with nori; cheese on a cool light pick; edamame; star shaped PB&j; broccoli; smokies; peach yogurt drink.

B is addicted to shrimp right now.  He also has a bunch of fourth grade girls that insist he eat lunch at their table everyday.   This is making him the happiest first grader in the world!